Bullock said to critics, “There are people who look very innocent, loving and churchgoing who cheat on their spouses, don’t take care of their children and are horrible to humanity.”

Oh man.  This was said before her husband was accused of cheating on her recently. Blah! Who cheats on Sandra Bullock anyway? Well I don’t know their personal situation but still…if you are even thinking about cheating I think it’s time for a split. unfortunately for many who cheat…they don’t know what they had until it’s gone. I was reading through previous posts from 2004 and I came across one about cheating. My views back then were posted before my being cheated on experience. Umm, it was fun because I was very strong on my point of view if  someone were to do that to me
(dump them of course!) However, it’s easier to say it without experiencing it than to say it when you’re actually going through it because there are other factors that can be involved. Anyway I’m interested in hearing what she has to say about it all. We will just have to wait and see.


5 Signs You’re Dating an Alcoholic – Personal Articles.

I always read these AOL articles…some I agree with and some I don’t agree with. This one was an interesting read. I also think using people to “hang out with” to go get a drink (so the person doesn’t get a DWI) should also be added to the list. The comments on the bottom of this article are also a good read. One comment had said “alcoholics need love too and if someone else is willing to be the strong one in the relationship, then so be it” while another responded by saying  “you are in denial, and being co-dependent on another person isn’t healthy and there is a need for a psychiatrist in that situation for their addictive personality”.  I always thought this was an interesting topic, to discuss. I had grown up seeing the effects of alcoholism and had sworn I would never drink , and even after turning 21 (when I had my first drink) it felt like I was betraying my pervious thoughts about never drinking because I didn’t want to live the life of those, who drank frequently, around me.  I still don’t drink that often and the only drinks I like are those with the least amount of alcohol…I don’t like the way it burns my throat when a drink is too strong (it’s almost symbolic). I think some people can change their ways, but it’s up to the person to come to that conclusion, being honest is also helpful. I’m skeptical about making someone stop drinking by saying…”it’s either me or the alcohol”…but I guess you don’t know unless you try. I am not dating anyone at the moment so I will be looking for these signs the next time lol jk.